Jan 252016


If you’re not sure you’re getting good prices on direct cattle sales from your farm to a buyer, participate in our new DIRECT CATTLE REPORT.

VBPA, in conjunction with the USDA, is looking for direct sellers who are interested in confirming prices on cattle transactions to be kept strictly confidential, but used in a new monthly direct cattle market report from USDA.  This is similar to the current meat marketing report that we began last year.

If you’d like to participate, please contact President@vtbeef.org.  All we need to know is who is buying your cattle on a regular basis and that you’d be willing to confirm pricing when you receive a phone call from us.  Again, none of your data will be published.  It will be used with many others to put together an average price range for various cattle sold direct.  You’ll be able to see if you are getting reasonable prices and compare to the national and regional commission sale barn prices.

VBPA and USDA are working hard to give you the marketing information you need to help grow the beef business in the Northeast.


Ed Canane

AvatarDirector, VBPA. Owner Cascade Brook Farm, LLC
Yankee Farm Credit
Vermont Packinghouse
Cascade Brook Farm