The Vermont Beef Producers Association (VBPA) is a service based non-profit organization that strives to be the foundation of a profitable and sustainable beef industry in Vermont. Founded in 1981, the association works to advance members’ economic and legislative interests.

The VBPA Board of Directors is responsible for, and accountable to, the association’s membership on all things beef related.  This board consists of  voting directors from across the state  VBPA represents the interests of cattlemen and women throughout Vermont and in surrounding states on producer education, consumer awareness, and product promotion.

The Vermont cattle industry thrives on multi-generational family farms and also relatively new comers to Vermont who have added hybrid vigor to our industry while assimilating themselves into the agricultural landscape of Vermont. The farmers and cattle producers of the Vermont Beef Producers Association serve as stewards of the livestock, land, and environment entrusted to them. The VBPA is a network of passionate volunteers working together to produce high quality beef.


VT Herd on Grass

A member’s cows and calves grazing on pasture


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