The Vermont Beef Producers Association (VBPA) is a service based non-profit organization that strives to be the foundation of a profitable and sustainable beef industry in Vermont. Founded in 1981, the association works to advance members’ economic and legislative interests. The farmers and cattle producers of the Vermont Beef Producers Association serve as stewards of the livestock, land, and environment entrusted to them. The VBPA is a network of passionate people working together to produce high quality beef.


Fingerlakes Livestock Exchange

Canandaigua, NY

Sale Date: May 19, 2018

Collection Point Pick-up: Thursday, May 17, 2018

Consignments can be made through the Sunday before each sale.

Consignments can be made for the next upcoming sale right now by CLICKING HERE


VBPA is providing an eastern VT collection point in White River Junction and a western VT collection point at the fairgrounds in Essex Junction.  The collection points will be where you transfer from your trailer to the sale trailer.

Cattle will be weighed prior to entering the Sale Ring and be auctioned off to the highest bidder. All the Vermont cattle will be sold in consecutive order. If the cattle are pre-conditioned (i.e. vaccinated, de-wormed, weaned, etc.) the details must be on your waybill and this information will be used by the auctioneer at the sale. It would be in the best interest of the consignor to have pre-conditioning management protocols in place as it typically justifies a premium.

Note that metal ear tags are REQUIRED for positive identification in addition to the farm tag as required by law. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture provides free of charge NUES tags (metal ear tags) and applicators for officially identifying cattle.  These tags may be obtained by contacting Darryl Kuehne at (802) 793-5348 (Southern VT), James Cameron at (802) 279-4962 (Northwest VT), Zachary Bartlett at (802) 371-9949 (Northeast VT), your local veterinarian, or your State Department of Agriculture.

The VBPA consignment fee to $10 per head for VBPA members and $15 per head for non-members. This is to pay for advertising and marketing and VBPA expenses to put on the sale.

At the sale barn, per head fees will be deducted from your proceeds for commission ($18/hd 301-700#, $21/hd 701#+, $21/hd bulls 701-1200#); yardage is FREE; there is also a 1% of gross fee to the sale barn; and trucking. Trucking costs will be divided evenly among all cattle on each trailer and are estimated at $2.50 per loaded mile for the whole trailer.  A check will be mailed to each consignor directly by the sale barn following the sale.

Budget Worksheet for Spring Sale – 10 head weighing 500 pounds – all figures approximate

VBPA member consignment – $100
Sale Barn Commission – $180
Beef Checkoff – $10
Shipping from White River Junction – $100
Sell price $1.60/lb

Gross Income – $8,000
Expenses above – $390
1% sale barn fee on gross price – $80
Total expense – $470

NET INCOME on 10 head weighing 500 pounds – $7,530


Call the VBPA office toll free with questions: (844) 321-2333

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