The Vermont Beef Producers Association (VBPA) is a service based non-profit organization that strives to be the foundation of a profitable and sustainable beef industry in Vermont. Founded in 1981, the association works to advance members’ economic and legislative interests. The farmers and cattle producers of the Vermont Beef Producers Association serve as stewards of the livestock, land, and environment entrusted to them. The VBPA is a network of passionate people working together to produce high quality beef.


VBPA holds Cattle Sales throughout the year. Refer to our Membership site for sale details by clicking here.

Accepting beef calves, feeders, cow-calf pairs, cows and finished cattle.

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East Paradise, PA


Collection point is currently CV Expo in Essex Junction. The collection point is where you transfer cattle from your trailer to the sale trailer (Pot). Collection points are determined by consignment locations. The trucks are Pot Bellies (Pots). Each one can hold between 60 and 90 head or so depending on sizes of animals. Since the cost to the consignor is directly related to the distance the truck travels with animals on board, each sale has different logistics, based on keeping the cost down for shipping.

If there are large enough groups of animals at other locations (large enough to fill or mostly fill a Pot) we schedule additional trucks. We can’t schedule trucking until we know consignments. For now, only Essex Junction is planned. Departure for any pickup point is always the Wednesday before the sale at about 9am. Consignors get detailed info when we know it.

If it makes sense to pickup cattle at different locations based on consignments, we’ll do so and notify consignors in advance.

Consignors will be emailed waybill forms between the date consignments are closed and the date of pickup that must accompany your cattle on the shipment.  Be sure to provide an email address and phone number in your consignment so we can reach you!

Your cattle must be marked with large easy to read FARM TAGS so they can be identified by sale staff prior to the sale.  The FARM TAG must be unique enough that we can identify your cattle.  If animals are unidentifiable, VBPA and the sale barn assume no responsibility.

Note that METAL EAR TAGS are also REQUIRED by VT law for positive identification of VT cattle leaving a farm in Vermont.  Consignors from other states should check on their own local requirements.  VT metal tags are ONLY required for animals living in Vermont.  The Vermont Agency of Agriculture provides free of charge NUES tags (metal ear tags) and applicators for officially identifying cattle.  These tags may be obtained by contacting Darryl Kuehne at (802) 793-5348 (Southern VT), James Cameron at (802) 279-4962 (Northwest VT), Zachary Bartlett at (802) 371-9949 (Northeast VT), your local veterinarian, or your State Department of Agriculture.

Cattle will be weighed prior to entering the Sale Ring and be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If the cattle are pre-conditioned (i.e. vaccinated, de-wormed, weaned, etc.) the details should be on your waybill with supporting documentation for your claims.  There are no specific requirements for vaccinations, so check with your vet for appropriate protocols for your animals.  The buyers will always pay a premium for pre-conditioned cattle, but the specifics are up to you!  This information will be used by the auctioneer at the sale. It would be in your best interest to have pre-conditioning management protocols in place.  Cattle sold at Cambridge should have an interstate health chart from your veterinarian, or they will be sold with a green tag, which means they can only be bought for slaughter or by a registered feed lot.  Bottom line, there will be fewer potential buyers if they are green tagged.

The VBPA consignment fee is $10 per head for VBPA members and $15 per head for non-members. This is to pay for advertising and marketing and VBPA expenses to put on the sale.

At the sale barn, per head fees will be deducted from your proceeds for commission and trucking. A check will be mailed to each consignor directly by the sale barn following the sale.  Be sure you have accurate and legible contact information in your consignment and waybills.


For more information, contact VBPA at 844-321-2333



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Would you like to host any of our events?  Be on our board?  Help us to keep our website up to date?  We are always looking for help to keep our organization strong.  Just contact any of our board members and let us know.  We thank you for your support.  We look forward to seeing you and discussing your ideas and thoughts in person, over email or by phone.   As always, we welcome your input and participation.

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