Greetings Fellow Beef Producers,

The 2017 Vermont Beef Producers’ Association Summer Social will be held on Wednesday, August 9th, at 2:45 PM at the Shelburne Farm in Shelburne, Vermont.

The afternoon and evening program will include a farm and pasture walk with Sam Dixon, the farm’s manager, and will be followed at 5:45 with an optional farm dinner and reggae band performance. The VBPA program is free and the optional burger and salad dinner is $18.

Save this date and be a part of our associations summer gathering at the beautiful Shelburne Farm.  More information and a reminder will follow as we are hoping to add another program speaker at this point.

We look forward to seeing you in August when we will hopefully have a lovely warm day to spend on the farm’s lawn. Bring a lawn chair and your own refreshments since they have a BYOB policy.

RSVP’s should be sent to Bill Emmons at vtangus@sover.net or call 802-457-1520.


The Vermont Beef Producers Association (VBPA) is a service based non-profit organization that strives to be the foundation of a profitable and sustainable beef industry.


Would you like to host any of our events?  Be on our board?  Help us to keep our website up to date?  We are always looking for help to keep our organization strong.  Just contact any of our board members and let us know.  Lastly, we thank you for your support.  We look forward to seeing you and discussing your ideas and thoughts in person, over email or by phone.   As always, we welcome your input and participation