Greetings Fellow Beef Producers,

President’s Report for 2015 – a great year!

Membership in 2015 was up by about 17 percent over 2014 with 163 total members. If you need to renew or want to join in 2016 you can do it on our website at VTBeef.org

Our Spring Sale in 2015 sold 135 animals with some of the highest prices in the nation.  The 2016 Spring Sale will be at the Essex Fairgrounds as usual.  This year we’ll be accepting CONSIGNMENTS OF COWS, BRED COWS AND COW–CALF PAIRS.  We’ll also be hosting a Board Sale where you can buy and sell animals directly from the farm without co-mingling them in an auction barn.  Look for more information on our website.

Our Fall Sale, held in PA sold 99 animals with much better results than previous Fall sales that were held in VT.  We moved the Fall Sale there because prices were falling way below the market value in the Vermont Fall sales…with a focus on beef production and helping our producing members market their cattle, we are on a mission to expand the market by increasing the number of sales we have each year.  Regional sales and sales in neighboring states will help grow the entire market.  We hope you’ll consign animals to next year’s Fall Sale!

Regarding the Fall Sale in PA, after running the numbers and comparing to previous years, we found that it was way better to have paid the higher trucking expenses to send animals there.  Average premium received:  $93/hd;  Average expense $31/hd.  So that’s a 62 cent advantage over what would have been received in the regular Fall sale.  Those who sent cattle to PA did much better than they would have if we had held the sale in Vermont.  We understand the importance of supporting our buying members and remind all that supply follows demand.  Currently the demand is higher out of state.  Our efforts are focused on building supply AND demand in Vermont…and this takes time.

We have a new toll free phone number 844-321-BEEF (2333) which can be used to contact us for information on events, membership, etc.  That number is on our new letterhead and on the website at VTBeef.org.

Don’t forget that you can communicate with other members on the VBPA list serve – an email bulletin board kind of system.  More information is on our web site on the “Contact Us” page.

We have just announced a new direct market report – information is on the VBPA List serve.  Please sign up online at our website if you haven’t already.  It’s where you get the latest information.  The direct market report is confidential and we are looking for members who are interested in reporting prices to USDA.  Please check with any board member if you are interested.

Would you like to host any of our events? Be on our board? Help us to keep our website up to date? Help with Grant applications?
We are always looking for help to keep our organization strong. Just contact any of our board members and let us
Thank you for your support. As always, we welcome your input and participation.

Chip Morgan
Vermont Beef Producers Association

A member's bales in a Norwich, Vt field

A member’s bales in a Norwich, Vt field