Greetings Fellow Beef Producers,

With high beef prices at hand, it has been a season to celebrate for beef producers.  Your board has been hard at work capturing some of the market energy going into 2015.  Here is some of our news:

Since the mid 1980’s, the VBPA has provided members with a venue to sell their calves via auction twice every year.  We are again planning the spring sale, and are looking at better alternatives for the fall.  Stay tuned for a lot more discussion on this topic at upcoming events.  If you are interested in participating fully in the discussion, please be sure we have your correct email address so that you receive all the communications.

If you want some good-hearted fun, join us for our Summer Social, in July or August, date and location to be announced.  We will provide the food, and you get to find out what the rest of us are doing.  And if you are looking to stay current with the beef world, please be sure to provide us with your email when you fill out your VBPA membership form.  Using email addresses saves us money, saves the environment and is one way to receive local beef news and the local Vermont beef prices, courtesy of the USDA.

Please fill out your membership application online at www.VTBeef.org or print it and mail it with your check so you will be able to take advantage of all these opportunities.  Your email is not shared or provided to anyone not affiliated with VBPA.

Would you like to host any of our events?  Be on our board?  Help us to keep our website up to date?  We are always looking for help to keep our organization strong.  Just contact any of our board members and let us know.  Lastly, we thank you for your support.  We look forward to seeing you and discussing your ideas and thoughts in person, over email or by phone.   As always, we welcome your input and participation.


Chip Morgan
Vermont Beef Producers Association

A member's bales in a Norwich, Vt field

A member’s bales in a Norwich, Vt field